A new way of keeping patients safe – and staff focused

The benefits of using iSEE for managing excessive alarms extend beyond fast-paced hospital and emergency care settings.


In non-acute environments such as urgent care centres, outpatient surgical services or long-term care facilities, iSEE can help save time and money by combining the vital and demographic data collected from patient monitoring devices to reduce the number of non-actionable ‘nuisance’ alarms.

‘The role of the alarm as an effective filter of ‘what is important’ is failing’

Philips Healthcare study – ‘Just A Nuisance?’

iSEE allows clinicians to add context to each patient’s monitoring system so alarms are only triggered when clinically relevant conditions are met. This helps caregivers make informed decisions when responding to an alarm – either by escalating it or deeming it non-actionable.

Templates for each patient can be created through a simple drag and drop interface, and actionable alarms can be monitored through a web browser, the iSEE app or your current paging system.

Benefits include:

      • Tailored alarm templates for each patient

      • Fast, easy access to patient information

      • A single view of all patient data and medical device inputs

      • The ability to monitor multiple patients through one interface

      • Reduced alarm fatigue for better staff productivity

      • Improved patient satisfaction

To find out how iSEE can help save time and money, reduce alarm fatigue and improve the comfort and outlook of your patients, book a virtual demonstration today.