Why we’re the right software partner

iSEE is developed by Techmedic, a team of highly trained hardware and software engineers led by seasoned medical professionals who have been developing medical devices and software since 2013. We are ISO 13485:2016 certified and our products are CE marked and FDA approved.


We sell globally and have established partnerships with several leading companies.
Our iSEE software solution is designed to maximise the potential of medical devices used in both acute and non-acute settings to minimise the costly and harmful effects of excess alarms.
iSEE connects patient data with inputs from blood pressure, heart rate and other patient monitoring devices to feed into specific patient templates that are designed to reduce these ‘nuisance’ alarms – improving outcomes for patients and staff efficiency.

As an iSEE partner, you’ll get access to our significant experience in the healthcare technology industry, alongside:

Access to templates created by healthcare experts for deeper insight into device outputs

Increased adoption of and use of your devices in healthcare settings

Integration of your devices into an end-to-end personalised patient care system / workflow

Saved money – no need to build in-house software solutions

Share or license proven templates with other iSEE users

Device manufacturer partners:

Our team of engineers can integrate your medical device in very short implementation projects. With iSEE you can now deliver the most advanced monitoring solution available in the market today.


To find out how iSEE can help save time and money, reduce alarm fatigue and improve the comfort and outlook of your patients, book a virtual demonstration today.