Improve the safety of clinical alarm systems

Hospitals are under great pressure to improve the safety of clinical alarm systems – poor alarm management can have costly consequences, from extended length of stay for patients to litigation over avoidable patient deaths.


iSEE is an add-on software solution that combines clinical information to reduce the number of non-actionable alarms – and allows you to monitor actionable alarms through a web browser, the dedicated iSEE app or your existing paging system.


iSEE also enables fast access to patient information when and where you need it, by collecting vital and demographic data from hospital monitoring equipment and electronic medical records (EMRs) in near real-time.

Validated templates

To ensure you don’t miss any important data or alarms, your templates can be validated before use, and are saved to your iSEE server. Our integrated post-analysis tool also lets you test drive your templates on existing datasets before real-world use.

Through the iSEE community, we also allow the sharing of knowledge and licensing of proven templates between other iSEE users, many of whom are experts in their field.

Easy to use

Creating actionable alarm templates is easy. iSEE’s drag-and-drop interface lets you select from a variety of patient monitors and terminal inputs and set outputs including alarms, emails, pager messages and even file extracts for administrative purposes. Controlled by a mouse or touchscreen, it only needs to be done once.

On the hospital floor, the patient simply needs to be selected and assigned a template. iSEE does the rest for you.

To find out how iSEE can help save time and money, reduce alarm fatigue and improve the comfort and outlook of your patients, book a virtual demonstration today.