About Techmedic

Based in The Netherlands, Middle East and USA, Techmedic has been developing medical devices and software since 2013. We are a team of highly trained hardware and software engineers, led by seasoned medical professionals with business backgrounds, offering in-depth knowledge and experience with vital signs monitoring and alarm algorithms.


Techmedic is ISO 13485:2016 certified and our products are CE marked and FDA approved. We sell globally, including partnerships with several leading companies.


You’ll get access to the expertise of our highly trained team of engineers – lead by seasoned medical professionals, with almost ten years’ experience in developing medical devices and software. Our products are sold globally and we have established partnerships with several leading companies.

Rutger Brest van Kempen

Founder & CEO

Rutger has a medical background and worked in cardiac surgery for 15 years. His 20 years of experience with medical device and software development s founder and CEO of Techmedic helped him to create the DVX Monitoring System and the iSEE Clinical Alarm Management Solution. His goal with iSEE is to reduce alarm fatigue, mitigate the risks with false alarms and to reduce the time needed by the clinical team to follow up on non-actionable alarms.

Hisham Hassaan

Commercial, Middle East and Africa

Ria Jetten


Ria is a registered nurse and has a business administration degree. She manages the day-to-day financials of the company and is responsible for the purchasing and shipping of parts and products. With her background she can relate to our customers and this leads to good relationships with our suppliers and customers.

Annelijn Mastenbroek

Manufacturing and Operations

Annelijn is Techmedic’s prototype designer and production leader for the devices and the single use products. Her expertise in 3D drawing and printing, rapid prototyping and laser cutting allows Techmedic to design faster and more accurately. Annelijn manages the production site, incoming and outgoing product control and supports the purchasing department with sourcing the components.

Stijn Veenman


Stijn is Techmedic’s highly talented embedded software developer with experience in design of medical devices and wireless technologies.

With his experience in biosignals and vital signs sampling, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and 4GLTE solutions, Techmedic is able to deliver its advanced wireless telemetry solutions and data interfaces. Stijn is expert in data security and system integrity testing.

Timo Veenman


With his gaming development background, Timo is Techmedic’s leading software engineer responsible for the design and development of the monitoring software solutions and iSEE.

His knowledge about instant messaging, alarming and intuitive graphical design capabilities makes the Techmedic product to be first class and highly valued by our customers. Timo is expert in API’s, data communication and device interfacing.

To find out how iSEE can help save time and money, reduce alarm fatigue and improve the comfort and outlook of your patients, book a virtual demonstration today.