A new way of keeping patients safe

Second opinion alarming

Monitor actionable alarms in a web browser, receive them in our iSEE APP on your mobile devices or on your existing paging system. iSEE is an add-on solution that collects vital and demographic data from to your hospital monitor equipment and EMR in near real-time. iSEE may reduce non-actionable alarms by a new and disruptive way of combining clinical information to meta-alarms.

Easy to use

Create actionable alarm templates is with an easy-to-use drag and drop interface using a mouse or touchscreen and only needs to be done once. On the hospital floor, the operation of the system is made very efficient by simply selecting a patient and assigning a template. iSEE does the rest for you.

Validated templates

Your templates are saved to your iSEE server. These templates can be validated before using them to assure that you will not miss any important data or alarms. We integrated an intuitive post-analysis tool so you can repeatedly test drive your templates on existing datasets. iSEE also allows sharing proven templates between other iSEE users who may be experts in their field. With iSEE we offer sharing knowledge and experience between iSEE users in the iSEE community.
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Our solution

ISEE is a brand-new solution that is entirely disrupting the Clinical Decision Support System industry. Today, healthcare providers are bombarded with all sorts of data collected about their patients. This data is stored in databases, electronic medical records and printed in hardcopy. On top of that, hospitals are full of medical devices used for monitoring and alarming on patient’s medical condition, many of these alarms being false positives. Not only does this cost a lot of money, but it also creates alarm fatique, adversely affects the comfort of the patients and even results in alarms being switched of with all risks associated. Finding the right information in the right moment becomes a more and more time-consuming task, something the majority of healthcare providers cannot afford to spend.


ISEE takes away a great deal of false positive alarms as the criteria for “accept and reject “are decided by the healthcare provider based on their requirements and saves in a template. When admitting a patient to a hospital ward, search the name of the patient, assign a template and ISEE does the work for you. A Patient Dashboard shows all patients that are being monitored by ISEE and by which template. In case of an alarm condition, the patient is moved to the Alarm Dashboard.

With ISEE there is no more searching the EMR’s for data, it is all there where and whenever you want.

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